Don’t look now, but T.E. is having a good start to the year

I don’t want to say I told you so about preseason being bullshit. But I told you so. Trent Edwards is putting together a pretty decent season so far. Yes, I know it’s two fricken games but let the guy breathe a little. Edwards is tied for second in touchdown passes with 4 and is the number 1 rated passer in the AFC with a 104.9 rating. And for all you people who don’t think Edwards doesn’t stretch the defenses enough, he’s ranked 7th in the NFL for yards an attempt.

OK, I know naysayers will say that Edwards started off the same way last year. But Edwards stats are better this time around (2 touchdowns last year). And he did show a lot of poise during the Patriots game. Next week is going to be a huge test for Edwards. He’s going to have to go head-to-head with Drew Brees, whose on pace for like 100 touchdown passes.
Of course it does help having Fred Jackson averaging 5.1 yards a carry to take the pressure off of Edwards shoulders. The Bills didn’t have their first 100 yard rusher last year until the Cleveland game in week 10.
Also if your in a PPR league for fantasy, go and pick up Derek Fine on waivers. Edwards loves using the tight ends. Not somthing T.O. likes to hear of course.
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