McGee extension may be trouble for Whitner

Hell may of frozen over at One Bills Drive with the extension of cornerback Terrence McGee, but pigs may not be flying for Donte Whitner. You see Whitner’s rookie contract expires after next year and he will be looking for big time money. 6.5 million is the average yearly salray the top 5 safties in the NFL are making. Funny, that’s about the same amount that McGee’s new extension is.
I still don’t know what to make of Whitner. He’s a great leader and players look up to him, but leadership in the locker room is all fine and dandy, but how about leading the defense in making plays. I’ve been very critical of Whitner. I’m not sure if his lack of making plays is because of the cover 2 defense, but even George Wilson has a interception return for a touchdown.

If Whitner plays the same way the next 2 years like he did his first 3, he’s as good as gone. But on the other end of the spectrum, even if Whitner plays outstanding and has a pro bowl year, I don’t think Ralph would pony up another 6-7 million dollars for someone in the secondary. But I’ve been proved wrong before.
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