Leodis on the charge

Leodis McKelvin is used to backpedaling. The Bills cornerback does it for a living. On Thursday, he submitted a sworn affidavit to the Erie County DA’s office pursuing charges against the teenage boys who defaced his property. That came less than 24 hours after he said he did not want to see anyone arrested for the act of vandalism. The 16-year olds responsible for the spray-painted expressions on McKelvin’s front lawn turned themselves in Wednesday.

Mind of Joe
Can you remember the first time your girlfriend dumped you, and you didn’t care she was seeing another guy. Then all of a sudden you saw her with her new man at a school dance or whatever and freaked out. That’s what may be behind McKelvin’s 180 degree decision to press charges against the two juveniles. I’m not sure McKelvin should press charges to be honest. 
I was going to write earlier today if McKelvin took the approach to be an athlete that works with bad kids, you know talks to them and maybe makes them clean his lawn and helps them turn over a whole new leaf on life, it would of made him a good will ambassador for Buffalo. Hell it could of made him into a fan favorite. 
But you have to wonder if maybe some teammates got in his ear about, I mean for god sakes Kawika Mitchell tweeted about kicking someone’s ass if they defaced his property. And Bills Player Rep George Wilson was very outspoken about it. Maybe the Players want McKelvin to send a clear cut message about screwing with players. 
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