Report: Police have suspects in McKelvin vandalism (Video)

Hamburg Police say they’ve found the suspects responsible for a vandalism incident at the Hamburg home of a Buffalo Bill. One day after his fumble lead to a loss against the Patriots, the lawn belonging to Buffalo Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin was spray painted.

McKelvin fumbled a kickoff late in the fourth quarter of Monday’s game against the New England Patriots. A short time later, New England scored a touchdown to complete a comeback and win the season opening game 25-24.

Two messages were spray painted on the front lawn of McKelvin’s home.

One said that he should “learn to take a knee”, in apparent reference to his ill fated, late game decision to return a kickoff (which he fumbled) instead of downing the ball for a touchback. It also included the score of Monday’s game.

The other message stated the same advice–and was punctuated by an obscenity.

Mind of Joe
Looks like Justice is going to be served after all, or at least someone is going to be getting detention. Police did say that it’s up to McKelvin to press charges, which he said earlier he didn’t plan on doing. WGR is reporting the suspects happen to be underage which makes sense considering it’s vandalism and that’s what kids have been doing since spray paint has been around. Hopefully this will end the this debate. But I can see channel 2 and the red turn coats showing up at these kids houses and asking the parents what they make of the situation. Typical slow day in the news world in Buffalo. 
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