Owens and Buffalo Media off to a rocky start

I had mentioned last week that Jerry Sullivan didn’t seem thrilled about T.O. dropping the bombshell (not really) that he wasn’t a fan of the no-huddle to the Boston Media. Well to add fuel to Sully’s fire, Owens decided to bolt with the “no comment” answer after Monday night’s and Sully isn’t happy. 

“Perhaps T.O. concluded it wasn’t in his self-interest to speak. Maybe he had to clear it with those two female advisers, to make certain it didn’t compromise his well-crafted public image.

We could only guess how Owens felt about the painful loss, or his own meager contributions to the offense. Maybe he was afraid he might be goaded into griping about the fact that only four balls were thrown in his direction.

Still, it was weak. Owens has sold himself as a personality, a guy who commands people’s attention. He got a key to the city. He has his own reality TV show. The reality after Monday’s game was that he lacked the decency to stand and face the music after a tough loss.”

Mind of Joe
Had to love the line on “those two female advisers.” But Sully has a point, you can’t just decide not to talk to the media. It sends a bad message to the locker room about not standing up and facing the music after a loss. All the goats from Monday’s game stood up and didn’t try hiding their feelings. Even Allen Wilson, who doesn’t really say much besides play the beat guy wasn’t amused by Owens no-show. 

“He’s supposed to be a leader on this team, but he set a poor example for the young guys. You don’t suppose that he was peeved over catching just two passes and having four passes thrown to him all night? I’m sure losing the way the Bills did upset him, too, but would have have snubbed the media if he finished with 12 catches and 140 yards like Randy Moss did? Just wondering.”
Mind of Joe
Well of course Owens would of talked to the media afterwards if he had stellar numbers. Owens is about stats, does he care about winning? Of Course. Does he like facing the music when he had a bad game? Nope. Owens and the wides were a big reason the Bills lost on Monday night. Owens knew that, actually he probably didn’t and thought it was Edwards or AVP’s fault. At the end of the day, no one is shocked by this and to think, the Bills only have 15 games left. 
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3 Responses to Owens and Buffalo Media off to a rocky start

  1. Dale says:

    did we not expect this from owens? some sort of media related fiasco? what were you expecting? lollipops and puppies?this is also sullivan looking for something to stir the pot with. clearly, he has a bias against owens…which should serve sullivans own agenda well.

  2. joe says:

    I agree, Owens being vanilla with the Buffalo media only to give funny quotes to the bigger markets doesn't sit well with Sully. You know how many players over the years have bolted out of the locker room after a loss in Buffalo?

  3. Dale says:

    well to be honest with you, sullivan can use a little coming down from his high horse. i think he knows that owens is in control here and it drives sullivan nuts so he whines like the buffalonian he claims not to be.

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