The Buffalo Bills are cursed

As if you couldn’t think of a better way to write a horror script to an NFL team, tonight happen to just be the sequal..strike that…the trilogy…nah,,, more like the 10th year in a jail sentence for life. The Buffalo Bills are officially cursed. You thought the Cleveland game was bad last year? How about the Dallas Game from 2007? How about my entire fucken existence on god’s green earth of watching the Bills play.

I can’t remember a kick returner fumbling the football with 2 and half minutes left and being up by 5 points. And you know what the worse part is? I saw it happen a mile away. With over 5 minutes left the Bills took a 24-13 lead and I looked over to my friend at the bar and said, we are going to blow this. And of course we did. Typical Buffalo, typical heartbreaking fashion. Bills lose by 1 fricken point. I wrote it was going to be a blood bath and of course it was.
Maybe the next painful lose will be a sniper shooting our kicker before he makes a game winning field goal or maybe Terrell Owens will get kidnapped and held for ransom for a Bills loss.
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