Rumor around the camp fire

Well the class in Buffalo is surely sinking a little bit today. Rumor around the camp fire is the vandalized house that Mitchell had tweeted belonged to Leodis McKelvin. Seriously? You couldn’t go vandalize Dick Jauron’s house? or maybe Larry Quinn? all kidding aside, this crap is a joke. It gives a player another reason to not want to play for Buffalo. Dumb fans, dumb!

UPDATE: WGRZ is confirming it was McKelvin’s property
UPDATE #2: WGRZ is saying someone spray painted in red “25-24=U” on McKelvin’s lawn.
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3 Responses to Rumor around the camp fire

  1. Dale says:

    you would support this if it was the house of someone who was associated with the sabres.

  2. joe says:

    haha, good one..of course I wouldn't..maybe if it was yours

  3. Dale says:

    haha…it would just blend in with the rest of the neighborhood.

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