Poz out for several weeks

According to Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron, Bills middle linebacker Paul Posluszny will be down for “several weeks” with a broken left arm. The development puts Buffalo in the market for linebacker help this week.

Posluszny, who lost his rookie season in 2006 to a broken arm suffered at Gillette Stadium, told Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News that this injury isn’t as serious because there’s only one broken bone in the arm as opposed to two which was the case in 2006. Posluszny said that he will need surgery but added, “I should definitely be back. From what they told me it’s not an I.R. (injured reserve) thing.”

Mind of Joe
Fat chance the Bills will go into the market and find a linebacker. This is the same franchise who believed that depth at the linebacking spot didn’t matter. Don’t be surprised if the Bills pull some lame brain stunt and turn Bryan Scott into the back-up linebacker if needed. More importantly, where does this leave Poz? Who in my opinion has talked a great game, but hasn’t done much besides grow his hair. He’s suppose to be the anchor for the linebacking core after being touted as the next Shane Conlan. He’s decent against the run, but when it comes to passing downs and blitzing their is more to be desired. So much for a breakthrough season people were predicting. 
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