Is the WGR poll really legit?

I was going to comment about this last week, but WGR loves to use poll questions on their website. Which is fine, but then they act as if the results of the poll are from die hard Bills fans. On the contrary, I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the majority of the people who go to their site are Bills haters, who happen to be huge Sabres fans. Today WGR’s poll question was if you were embarrassed by last night’s game. I astounding 70% said yes. Now, what makes me say the site is pro-Sabres and anti-Bills is because, I’ve seen polls where a high number of Sabres fans have voted they believed the Sabres were going to make the playoffs. I don’t care what some of the fans say, The Bills and Sabres are in the same class. I think Sabres fans are more optimistic than Bills fans, or maybe more brain washed. Either way always keep in mind where polls are conducted. 

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4 Responses to Is the WGR poll really legit?

  1. Dale says:

    i voted no. i was not embarassed. it was a good game. i love that youre calling out a website for favoring one team too much though. thats rich.and i love the lack of comments on here after i take a hiatus. the poll numbers do not reflect whether or not die-hard fans are voting. it clearly reflects the whiney, miserable attitude that is so prevelant amongst buffalo sports fans. an attitude which you embody SO WELL in your posts (ie the Buffalo Bills are cursed). you are the epitome of a miserable buffalo sports fan. have fun the rest of the way…

  2. joe says:

    Thanks dale for the kind words, class act..and you're a complete idiot…i was very critical of the Bills and i bet if your beloved wgr had the same thinking with the Bills as they do the Sabres, they would be blowing them as leaving it out on the field and giving someone like donte whitner the congressional medal of honor, you jack ass! Keep blowing Darcy, show me where I posted Dick Jauron being the man. show me where I said we were going 13-3..your just some stupid nhl fan who thinks you're above people who drink at the Bills games. Sabres fans have this arrogance that they have never followed a losing team and everything is ok…seriously ive been fair to both parties..sorry that the sabres are kind of dull during August and Sept

  3. Dale says:

    awww did i stike a nerve? there is a difference between critical and downright negative. dont confuse the two.tell me joe…are you ornery today because a bunch of giants fans were giving you shit at the bar while watching the sequel to monday night meltdown?oh and one more thing…ill try to comment on here more often so it can seem like you actually have readers. its like a ghost town without me.

  4. joe says:

    you didnt strike a never dale, I'm just as big of a dick than you are..but i'm trying to educate you that the Sabres are no more different than the Bills are. And you still haven't given me a reason to think less…thanks for the comments,

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