Owens and Harrison war of words

Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens does not have a fan in former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison, who ripped Owens on a Boston radio station on Thursday.

Owens made a couple of light-hearted jabs at New England during a conference call with the Patriots media this week, including a reference to the Spygate saga. Harrison obviously didn’t think it was funny.

“I’m pumped about T.O. opening up his big mouth about the Patriots,” Harrison said on WEEI’s The Dale and Holley Show. “I can actually put a bounty on T.O. if I wanted and not get in any trouble.”

Although Harrison described Owens’ play as “phenomenal,” He thinks Owens’ antics off the field overshadows what he does on it.

“He’s a clown,” said Harrison, who retired this summer after a 15-year career, the last six in New England. “He’s all about the circus show and the cameras. But you better believe he’ll have [cornerback] Shawn Springs in his grill and [safety] Brandon Meriweather putting his helmet down his throat. So, I’m excited about seeing that on Monday.”

Mind of Joe:
Well you have to love when new analysts start with going after the biggest fish in the sea. By the way, anyone see Teddy Bruschi on ESPN Thursday? He was stuttering all over his words as if he Ellis Lankster. Hasn’t ESPN ever heard of a boot camp or maybe starting Bruschi at a local affiliate. Talk about rushing the dude. Back to Harrison, I think Harrison is going to be great for TV because he’s got an edge to him. A lot of the analysts for football coverage are too cookie cutter for my taste. Hopefully Harrison analyses like he plays, dirty!
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