Does Edwards have all the tools?

From ESPN AFC East Blog
This was supposed to be Trent Edwards’ big no-excuses season. He purportedly had all the materials he would need. Three years into his NFL career, we were going to find out whether he deserved to be considered the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback of the future. Trent Edwards has a lot to adjust to this season: a new left tackle, new offensive coordinator and new offensive scheme to run. That was the sentiment a month ago, maybe even a couple of weeks ago.

Not anymore.

Edwards heads into 2009 with less support than he’s ever had. If Edwards were to fall flat on his facemask this year, we still wouldn’t know with any reasonable degree of certainty what he’s capable of and whether he should be the man in 2010. Within 10 days of the season opener, the Bills have made decisions that dim Edwards’ chances of success.

Edwards, to his credit, isn’t looking for excuses. It sounds like he still believes the Bills’ offense depends mainly on him. “I think that the position I am in — with two years under my belt, with a lot of say in the way this offense goes — a lot of the reason this offense is going to be where it needs to be is because of me,” Edwards said. “I think that’s a great opportunity for me.”

About the only way we will discover anything new about Edwards is if he puts the team on his back and leads them to the playoffs. Anything less can be justified by the circumstances the Bills’ front office and coaching staff created.  The Bills released left tackle Langston Walker on Tuesday. Walker was their most experienced offensive lineman and the projected substitute when the Bills traded two-time Pro Bowler Jason Peters.

Mind of Joe 
Interesting piece from Tim Graham. Think of what this team looked like in March when the Owens signing happened. They had both their starting LTs, the same offensive coordinator,  and Lynch wasn’t suspended yet. It’s interesting to think what exactly would term a successful year for Edwards. I think if Edwards can get his numbers up to 20 td’s, he stays. But anything less, he’s gone. And always remember how much money will play in this. After this year, Edwards only has 2 years left on rookie contract. I’ve seen worse QB’s than Edwards who’ve gotten fatter contracts. 
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