The Bills are cheap

The Buffalo Bills have the eighth least expensive team in the NFL this season.The total value of all of the contracts of all 80 players the Bills took to training camp this summer was $487.88 million. That ranked 25th out of 32 in the NFL this year, based on league documents obtained by The Buffalo News. The top spending team — again based on the total value of the contracts of all the players at training camp — was Minnesota, at $736.87 million. Among the other teams near the top were some of the biggest-spending big market teams, such as No. 2 Philadelphia ($721.22 million), No. 3 Dallas ($715.40 million) and No. 4 Washington ($676.88 million).

Mind of Joe
This is no surprise considering the Bills have the cash to the cap philosophy. The Bills are starting to be reminiscent of the Sabres and Darcy Reiger’s thought process when it comes to being more accountants than personnel guys. Face Facts, the Bills are always looking for the cheap way to do business and have a history of it. The reason JP Losman was supplanted as the starting QB had more to do with he was due a new contract than his play. Edwards was the perfect choice because he was a rookie and had 4 years left on his deal. You think Wilson wants to pay 50 million for a QB (Matt Schaub)? 
Of course starting 3 guys on the o-line who have never played a NFL down would economically be beneficial for the Bills. There’s a reason why the Bills didn’t draft an offensive tackle in the first round. It’s because its a high paid position and anyone drafted would become a FA within 5 years. The Bills would have a Jason Peters situation all over again. 
And I’ve been saying since training camp, the Bills are begging for Fred Jackson to take over the starting job from Marshawn Lynch. Even though Lynch is under contract for 2 more years, who says their isn’t a chance he may want to renegotiate a new deal. A guy like Lynch could get at least 40 million for his second contract. Where as Jackson is under contract for 4 more years at a modest 3-4 million a year. All about the dollars. 
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