Owens says it was a joke

After hearing Owens comments, It seemed he was more joking than he was being serious. He did say the no-huddle does leave him a little winded because he’s not in game shape because of being  injured all of preseason. Owens then twitted that the whole thing was a joke. 
Again, those jerks @ espn has taken my comments out of context!! i clearly ws joking!! Wow! They never cease 2 amaze me! espn is a joke!!

Of course some media outlets are taking his words out of context. 

WGR Story
Headline: Owens sounds off on the no-huddle offense
The Bills fast-paced offense is wearing thin on Terrell Owens. “No, not really, but I gotta deal with it,” was T.O.’s answer when prodded about the new offensive attack. He did let out a laugh after responding to the question.

In all seriousness, Owens’ sprained toe is shaping his opinion. After missing three weeks with that injury, he says the no huddle is tiring him out in practice.

The loss of Turk Schonert and Langston Walker isn’t troublesome. Owens thinks the offense will have a productive season despite the last second changes.

T.O. Says he will deal with it
Receiver Terrell Owens doesn’t have a problem with the Buffalo Bills no-huddle offense, except that it’s tiring him out. Owens raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he said he wasn’t much of a fan of the Bills new scheme.

Owens, “No, not really, but I gotta deal with it,” the receiver said in a conference call with members of the Patriots media as the Bills prepare to open the regular season at New England on Monday.

Owens laughed after making that statement, though it was not clear whether his concern was with the no-huddle scheme itself or how much it’s been tiring him out. Owens returned to practice last week after missing the final four preseason games with a sprained toe.

Upon learning that his comments were being taken literally, Owens posted a note on his Twitter page insisting that he was “clearly joking.” During the conference call, Owens did refer to the offense as being “all right,” while noting he’s been a little winded.

“We’re doing some things in the offense that will help me get in shape a little bit faster than I need to,” Owens said. “I’ve got a taste of it since [minicamps] and I know what to expect.”

Owens added he hopes the offense can also wear down opponents by not allowing them to make defensive substitutions.

“It’s something we’re looking forward to, and we’re going to try out,” he said.

Profootball talk

“No, not really, but I have to deal with it,” Owens said. And by deal with it, Owens apparently means he’ll passive-aggressively undermine the entire direction of the offense through the media. Bills coach Dick Jauron confirmed for the umpteenth Wednesday that the Patriots will “definitely” see the Bills in no-huddle in the season opener. No matter what Owens thinks about it.

Mind of Joe:
Obviously Pro football talk is taking the root as shit stirrers, by not even mentioning their was a laugh involved. WGR almost the same thing, except they did mention him laughing in their article. I’ve been listening to WGR all afternoon and the hosts think its a problem what Owens has said. But Paul Hamilton, brought the whole thing to a forefront by stating the guy was joking. Which if you listen to the whole interview you get Owens sense of humor. If you don’t believe me, read the AP story where Owens was quoted as saying the No-Huddle is helping him get into shape. 
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