Schonert move doesn’t cure the problem

When thinking of the Schonert firing more, I think of this analogy; It’s like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. The Bills are trying to show the problems aren’t because of their head coach, when the blame squarely goes on his shoulders. I haven’t written my coaching preview yet for the Bills, but I can’t express how disappointed I was when the Bills didn’t fire Jauron last year. Jauron is a terrible coach, whose worse game day management I’ve ever seen.
Ralph Wilson can say all he wants that Jauron wasn’t fired because of maintaining continuity. That’s the biggest Bull I’ve heard since Larry Quinn said the Sabres would sign Drury and Briere. Ralph kept Jauron because he just gave him a new deal, and by firing would mean Wilson would be on the hook for the remainder of the contract.Whether the move was because of Wilson or Jauron, the point is the Bills have a very mediocre coach. Heck, lets just say it. A terrible coach.

Another side note, I heard Schonert wasn’t too popular with his players, especially his quarterbacks. It’s interesting to note how Schonert is a protege of Sam Whyche, the old Bengals coach, who was known for being very loud (the anti-Jauron). Maybe Jauron’s players, who all love the guy because he’s very easy on them and hardly calls him out, didn’t mesh well with Schonert. Just saying.
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