How much do you care about oceans?

Yeah me neither, but WGR obviously feels otherwise. Today on the afternoon show with the Bulldog (Schopp was out, lucky him), the show was able to enlighten us on a 15 minute skit on oceans. As in the water that is on both sides of America. The corny ass sketch was testing the knowledge of the Bulldog on oceans. I was able to learn how big a whale’s heart was. Seriously? All sports all the time? It’s 10 days away from the NFL season starting and 17 days from Sabres training camp. And you have this topic?? Look I understand WGR has to compete with 103.3 The Edge with doing off beat topics. But who the hell wants to listen to the producer, announcer, and Bulldog talk about fricken whales? Does Andy Roth have a ratings chart? Because I can assure you that specific bit bombed out.
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One Response to How much do you care about oceans?

  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    I fucking hate Schopp. I think I'd rather listen about whales than hear that meglomaniac speak. He's big flaming yeast infected cunt bag! If it was up to him the Bills would be gone and we'd have two fucking hockey teams in Buffalo! Fuck him and his freakishly large dome!

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