T.O.’s T.O.E. is being overblown

Seriously? Do I really need to put on ESPN or read Tim Graham’s blog to tell me to panic about Owen’s toe? The fact that ESPN had a 2 minute piece on the history for toe injuries ending players careers is complete overkill! I don’t remember ESPN showing Steve DeBerg’s pinkie injury from the early 90’s when describing Tony Romo’s pinkie injury. I don’t remember Trent Edwards getting a concussion last year, and ESPN showing footage of Wayne Crebet getting his clock clean. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It’s preseason and the media is doing their very best in making a minor story into a gigantic issue. Of course it’s Owens, and they have to find something wrong with the guy (try the reality show). Owens doesn’t care about playing preseason and the Bills are pu$%ies when it comes to taking any chances. You know how many times a star player doesn’t play in the preseason because of injury, only to come back and kick ass for the regular season? Mark my words, Owen’s toe will have nothing to do with his play when the regular season kicks off.
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