Edwards vs Sully

Oh it looks like you can chalk up Trent Edwards to Jerry Sullivan’s list of public enemies. Sully and Edwards went at it today when Sully asked Edwards about how fans have been talking about him not willing to go down the field more often. Edwards snapped at Sully by saying lets see how you would do if you were calling the plays. Edwards then started saying that he was being coached to play the short passing game. As if he was saying it’s the coaches fault with where the ball should go. 

Edwards has to go down the field more. I’m not saying he has to go Oakland Raiders 70’s style, but if your bread and butter is going underneath, you need to make defensive backs pay if they are excepting underneath routes. Look for the Bills/Steelers game for the Edwards to air it out to try and shut up his critics. 
As far as Edwards comments go, it was a pretty simple question asked by Sullivan, and for him to go off really puts into question if Edwards can handle criticism. He better start learning because you know when Terrell Owens comes back, he’s not going to be as nice as Sully is. 
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