Bills vs Packers preview

Are you ready for some preseason football?!! bla… The Bills are getting ready to play their 3rd preseason game against the Green Packers tonight. Since the Bills have an extra preseason game, don’t look for the starters to go past the first quarter. But for all you preseason fans, here are some of the goals for the Bills:

Stay Healthy:
I mean no s#$t Sherlock. The Bills have been rather unscathed this preseason with Drayton Florence being the only major injury. The Bills better hope that injuries don’t come to the linebacking core, which by far is thinnest position on the team.

Will a real TE please stand-up!
The only competition for a starting job in camp is the tight end position. It’s between Derek Schoman and Jason Fine. I’m not looking for who will be the best pass catcher, but who can block in pass protection and running the ball. The Bills have 3 players (Lynch, Evans, and Owens) who can be dangerous as skill players. They just need the TE to do the dirty work.

Can Lynch make it..
To the line of scrimmage without being hit 3 times in the backfield? I keep beating the drum how concerned I’ve been with the running attack of the Bills. 41 carries vs the Bears, averaging 2.5 yards a carry has to be a concerned. The Packers run defense isn’t close to what the Bears defense is, so this better be the night they can average over 4 yards a carry.

Speed it up
As much as everyone has loved the no huddle offense, I feel in order for the Bills to get the full effect of it, they need to snap the ball quicker than they have been thus far. Going to the line of scrimmage and waiting 30 seconds for the play call and to hike the ball really isn’t a true no huddle. I want to see the Bills run more hurry-up.

Of course, it’s preseason and even if the Bills don’t do any of the above it won’t change my opinion, because it’s preseason football which is a shame.
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