Sabres sign a nobody again

Chalk this story under the “why I’m I wasting my time” with writing this blog, the Sabres have signed veteran  Jeff Cowan to a one-year contract. Cowan is expected to play in Portland and will most likely not amount to anything more than an extra body for the Pirates. Cowan has played for 4 NHL teams, and has 47 goals, 88 points and 695 penalty minutes in 413 games over 8 NHL seasons. 

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6 Responses to Sabres sign a nobody again

  1. Dale says:

    you dumb douchebag….why even talk about hockey? you are just a simple minded idiot who knows next to nothing about the sport. you're probably the type that pissed and moaned about how soft the sabres are and then piss and moan more when they address a glaring need by signing gritty "nobodies". this isnt a blog about buffalo sports, its a blog about your hard-on for the bills and your hatred of the sabres. stay in NYC you rotten douchebag. oh…and have fun writing about nothing when your precious bills are playing in toronto, you fucking idiot.

  2. Dale says:

    also…its funny that you have such a love affair with a team that hasnt even sniffed the playoffs in ten years (and counting), lost 4 superbowls in a row, and is a league doormat. the sabres on the otherhand, have been much more successful in terms of playoff performance in the past decade. you dumb fucking dick head. go suck on dick jaurons toes and keep the faith in the Bills you sad loser.

  3. joe says:

    First off you are so whacked with your rant on my Bills and Sabres take, I feel both the Bills and Sabres are down and if you would read my blogs on the bills you would see that. I'm sorry im not getting excited about some guy whose playing in rochester OR portland next year. I still think the Bills have major holes and if the read my blogs you would see that. And im sorry you hate my hockey talk, i mean it is August and the sabres have had what, 6 stories to write about since the season ended? I'm not going to write about how great Nathan Gerbe is when he hasn't done squat yet.

  4. joe says:

    Give me one positive thing i should write about the Sabres right now? i wrote a good article on the Mike Grier signing…do you want me to write about how Connolly is the next Gretzky? show me something! show me you want to win…I feel both teams have done a bad job in this aspect and as for your rant on how I'm a stupid fan who wants the team to get tough, that's far from the case. The team needs more scoring, after their first line they are in trouble..Am I wrong? do you want me to write about how great Daniel Paile is? I dont overhype rookies…you havent seen me overhype the bills new line which i think will be a disaster.. or the d-line…and as far as your dumb ass comment on me being in nyc, get a life. and I do feel the Bills will move so keep being bitter. Thanks for reading.

  5. joe says:

    and missing the playoffs 5 out of 7 years isn't to successful, isn't now?

  6. Dale says:

    joe,im not talking about writing a "positive" article. im exposing you because you clearly have a near sighted, thick headed view of hockey. i mean, all you have are highlights of fights on your website. yeah…those really embody the game of hockey. that just shows that you're just some casual fan who probably yells shoot everytime the sabres are on the powerplay or blames ryan miller for every goal let in. the sabres have addressed needs this offseason by adding veteran leadership and grit and an upgrade over peters (mcormick). for you to not recognize that, thats pretty weak. you're assuming they signed "nobodies". you cant win with an all star team, you need supporting staff, which is what they've sorely lacked the last two years. grier and montador are just that, support. they dont need goalscoring. not when you have roy (should hit 30) pomminville (has, will hit 30 again), vanek, and stafford plus connolly as a playmaker. more scoring…HA. such a simpleton fix to a team that has more glaring issues. and to answer your question about why youre wasting your time writing this…i dont know man, cowan will probably fill out the portland roster. not exactly a move that renders jumping all over darcy for. besides, maybe he'll make your lame set of fight highlights one day. and no, missing the playoffs 5/7 years is not good. but dont come at me with that when the bills are 0-for-the 2000s and need to play games in toronto before the inevitable happens. and for the record, next time you blast golisano for being an absentee owner, why dont you find out where ralph lives first. idiot. B.I.L.L.S = Boy I Love Losing Superbowls.

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