Favre’s unretire changes my opinion on his legacy

OK, so I’m very late with my Brett Favre has returned blog, but better late than never. I blogged earlier last month how Favre’s legacy wouldn’t be tarnished if he went to Minnesota to get revenge against the Pack. I used the Thurman Thomas signing with the hated Dolphins as an example from the late 90’s for a comparison. Thomas was hell bent on getting revenge on the Bills for cutting him and wanting to prove he still had it. Fans hardly ever mention Thurman’s inspiration when it’s been over 9 years since he retired.

Since then, I’ve had a change of heart on the whole Favre saga. The retiring, the unretiring, the milking cows, mowing the lawn, my wife, and the unretiring of Bret Favre has been way too much for me. In July, I thought we were only days away from Favre announcing he was coming back. But Favre caught me by surprised, when he decided to stay retired for the upteenth time. Favre’s said his reasoning for not being able to come back was because of his arm strength.

3 weeks later, boom! He gets on a plane from Mississippi to Minnesota, signs a contract, practices, and has a press conference. In what? 5 hours. Favre sited that his injured arm had miraculously healed. I’m guessing he used the same arm healing trick Mr. Miyagi used on Daniel Son in The Karate Kid. But lets be honest, Favre didn’t feel like doing two-a-days during training camp and since he’s lord Favre, he can come in whenever he wants.

At Favre’s unretring press conference, he was inspired after his daughter cried when telling her about his retirement. Awww, how cute! I’m sure if Favre’s daughter took after him, she must of changed her mind at least 10 times on whether she wanted her dad to play or not. Maybe Favre decided the time was right after getting an endorsement deal from Peta to take away the spot light from the Mike Vick signing in Philly.

Look, I don’t mind getting revenge on the people who said you couldn’t play anymore, like he’s obviously trying to do with the Packers. But to sit there and change your mind over and over again, in a span of 5 months is a joke. It’s putting yourself ahead of the players and the the Vikings organization. The microscope on Favre is going to be 20x more intense than it was last year, because people pitied Favre for being booted out of Green Bay. Now some of those fans have gone from pitting to spitting on Favre.

Lastly, you have to love how Jarred Allen spoke on how he doesn’t care if Favre signed late, as long as the Vikings were playing in the Super Bowl. Well no s##t! If T.O. decided he was going to stay off his injured toe because he wanted it to be a 100% to walk down a red carpet event in October for his stupid reality show, and the Bills made the Super Bowl, I’d be for it. But what will happen if Favre’s play is reminiscent of his stretch late last year in New York. Don’t forget Thomas Jones and a couple of unnamed players weren’t happy with how Favre didn’t mingle much with the other players. Trust me, if the Vikings are any where close to what the Jets were last year. Minnesota will be burning.

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