Report: Vick not in Buffalo

Well I’ll put my eggs in this source’s basket when it comes to Vick in Buffalo. Rich Eisen twittered about the Vick rumors to Buffalo. At first Eisen thought the Bills were going to have a press conference about Vick.

“For all those going nuts about Bills/Vick rumors, the team is having a press conf in 10 mins. What about, who knows? Could be nothing or…”

But before you call your local SPCA, Eisen but those rumors to rest.

“Guess the Bills had nothing to say. Just been told to head to production meeting rather than the set. In essence, go back to your homes…..Talk about crazy rumors. Apparently the Bills didn’t have a press conf at all and Vick is not in Buffalo either”

Gotta love the Internet. Eisen is the first prominent media source to announce Vick isn’t in Buffalo. Vick has sort of become the Elvis of sightings for the NFL. Last week he was spotted getting on an airplane to Boston (False), 2 days ago he was in Chicago, doing a charity event. And now who the hell knows where he is at.
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