There’s no crying in football

Aaron Maybin’s publicist (get ready to hear this), former Penn State linebacker Lavar Arrington told the AP that Maybin was literally in tears because he couldn’t be on the field with his teammates during the Hall of Fame Game. Someone needs to tell Maybin that preseason doesn’t count if he’s this emotional. And more importantly, what the hell is Arrington doing representing this kid? If I’m not mistaken, Arrington is sort of a NFL bust who retired because of injuries and an ugly contract squabble with the Redskins. The only public relations he’s ever done was a being a terrible judge on the equally terrible show ESPN use to have called “Dream Job.” Ugh, Id take ESPN Hollywood over that. 

Arrington also pointed the blame to 49ers wide receiver, Michael Crabtree for holding out and in essence holding the other draftees around his slot as hostages. I’m not sure why Crabtree has to be the player to set the market for draftees around his selection. If teams were smart they would be proactive and try and get the signings done before Crabtree sets a high market. 

Reading this article didn’t make me think more or less of Maybin, but people on the WGR website sure do. The website’s message board was covered in negative things about Aaron Maybin not being in camp. I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again. The season starts 32 days from today. Even if Maybin gets into camp on September 1st, it won’t effect his season because he wasn’t projected to do much except rush on some passing downs. NFL rookies are the most over hyped entity in the game. When was the last time a rookie pass rusher made an impact on their team? The Bills have bigger issues then Maybin getting into camp. 
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