Jason Peters loves to run..his mouth

Don’t you love it when a player leaves a team and always finds a way to have a parting shot against his former mates. That’s what Jason Peters did today, when he told Matt Mosley of ESPN the differences between Eagles and Bills camp. At first, Peters spoke about loving to play for a contender, which I have no issues with because the Eagles are light years away from what the Bills are. Then he started talking about doing conditioning drills, and how the Eagles do 16 100-yard wind sprints a day, while the Bills didn’t do that. At first I thought Peters was just being a d#$k and showing the Bills up. But then I was amazed that the Bills don’t do any sort of jogging or sprints during camp. But then he hasn’t been to a Bills training camp in two years, so how would he know what we do? 

Peters then went on to dismiss that he had a bad season last year because he made the pro bowl. Someone needs to tell Peters that the pro bowl is nothing more than a popularity contest. Peters then raised my eyebrows by adding that he has embarrassed players who have gone up against him. Gees, I may want to rewrite my Jason Peters portion of my o-line preview…no wonder fans hated him. 
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