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Talk about your Madden Jinx!

Well Patrick Kane is taking a page out of the OJ Simpson trial handbook, by hiring Buffalo Powerhouse attorney (Celino & Barnes?) Paul J. Cambria Jr. Cambria did the standard my client is innocent routine on Monday. While cab driver, Mr Travis Bickle (for all you Scorsese fans) claims that he was recovering from a broken nose in the incident. “They broke my glasses; they ripped my clothes off, all over 20 cents,” he told the Chicago Tribune. (Come on Buffalo News, don’t get scooped!)

After picking up the Kanes up from Chippewa Street, the driver said, he was leery of them because they didn’t give him a destination address right away (ha, you know how many times I’ve done that)During the dispute over their payment, the driver said, James Kane, who was sitting behind him, “sucker-punched” him from behind.

At that point, Patrick Kane “punched me in the head. He says, “You don’t know who you’re [messing] with! You don’t know who you’re [messing] with, [expletive]!’ (He most likely didn’t since the NHL is awful at marketing its players) And he kept pounding and pounding on me,” the driver said.

The Buffalo News was unable to get comment from the Kanes, but did goto their house knocking on their doors. Well, at least they tried. Let me explain to people who don’t come from my hometown. This isn’t out of the norm of possiblity. Our people are very rowdy people, and I’ve heard some bad stories over the years from young kids from the B-low. Just saying, you are what you eat.
“the people at EA Sports must be thrilled”
A portion of this report was from the BTN
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