Grier Returns to the Sabres

All you readers who think I’m always negative when it comes to the Sabres. Well savior the moment because I’m about to be positive for a change. The Sabres signed 34-year old Mike Grier to a 1-year contract. Grier recently finished up a 3 year stint in San Jose, scoring 10 goals to go along with 13 assists last year. Grier of course is remember for his 2 years with the Sabres, where he was viewed as a leader in the locker room, as well as being on the checking line.
Grier will add some much needed toughness to the front line. Look for Grier to be teamed with Hecht and Gaustaud to be the Sabres leading checker line. Grier left in a smoke of controversy in 2006, questioning the commitment to winning by the Sabres. The Sabres have been quiet over the last month, and more importantly no word on Drew Stafford’s contract situation. There I go being negative again. But it’s a good move for the Sabres who need some locker room presence they have been severely lacking since you know who left. Now go out and get a play making defenseman.

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