Wade Phillips Strikes

I can tell you someone who isn’t going to be watching the induction of Ralph Wilson into the HOF. That’s Wade Phillips who was fired (or quit) by Mr. Wilson in 2000, and has been quite vocal about it when he has been asked about it. Well now you can count Terrell Owens in the group of people who Wade isn’t to happy with at One Bills Drive.

Phillips was asked if his team is humbled after their disappointing finish in 2008 Phillips response: (In his southern voice)“Well, we had one guy who was here who wasn’t real humble and he’s not here any more,” Phillips said. “So maybe it makes everyone else look humble.”

It’s going to be interesting to see if Owens opens up a new can of worms about Phillips. There has always been a lot of interesting back stories on how Phillips coaches his teams. How many times have we heard about Phillips not paying attention to detail and letting his players run a muck. Owens was made to be the scapegoat last year, which was unfair considering Tony Romo’s play down the stretch was terrible for a 3rd straight year, and their defense gave up 41 points in the season finale to the Eagles. Someone call Ovrville Rednebacher for this verbal sparing that may occur.

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