Live Blog of Ralph Wilson’s Speech at 2009 Hall of Fame

Smith Interview with Holtzman
-Look at Smith already in game form, bitching that he was misquoted for being nervous about his speech.-
-Does say that he’s looking forward to being around the crowds-
-I always thought Smith loved the fans of Buffalo more than people think, at least he played to them when he sacked someone-

-Intro of Hall of Fame Inductees-
-Here comes Bruce Intro-
-Gotta love the BRRRRRRRuce chants-
-dam lots of Bills fans-
-Come on do the sack dance!-
-that’s a big ass rose on his suite.
-Here comes Ralph-
-Great fist punch By Ralph-

Chris Berman Intro
-Video Package of Berman intro of Ralph-
-Great comment on Ralph not being a ego maniac by Berman
-good stuff by Berman

Berman intro speech
-My god, Buffalo was ranked the 14th biggest Metro area in 1960, Sad-
AFL speech by Berman
-Paul McGuire, may of been a classic punter, but he sure sucked as a announcer-
-Say what you will about Berman’s selection, but he’s a great story teller-
-Man, hearing the Juice’s name makes me not think of a great runner-
-Look at Jim Kelly, great QB, crummy bar owner-
-Laundry list of 90’s Bills-
-Andre Reed comment is great, he should be here-
-I wonder if they told Berman to keep going, because of worrying about Wilson-
-Great cheering for Ralph-
-Dam whose the crazy old guy with the Pancho
-Circle the Wagons catch phrase-

Ralph Wilson Speech
-Nice Bronze statue-
-Please don’t stumble Ralph-
OK a minute in Ralph is fine-
-Ralph tells his first football game-
-Lamar Hunt talk-
-Ralph Needs to speed up, no one cares about his Miami problem-
-Gives thanks to the fans-
-Oh boy, Ralph is like half way through the time allotted , and he’s still at 1961-
-Funny story on him trying to rile up his team during the 1961 at halftime, team was done 21-7, Ralph Does his best Newt Rockney speech, and they lose 51-7. –
-Great line on his coach saying next time talk to the other team.-
-look for the s$%t stirrers at WGR to say the speech was too much about the AFL-
-Ralph is saying thanks to everyone-
-Ralph talks about his late daughter, Linda who was a scout-
-Ralph thanks the older people who cheered for him at the parade today-
-ok speech from Ralph, considering he’s 91, kind of wish he would of mentioned more about The 90’s Bills, good job with his daughter-

Will be back later for Bruce Smith’s speech

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