List of Bruce Smith’s Quarterback Victims

*List of Players From The Buffalo News*

5- First Overall Picks

6- TV Sports Personalities

4- Hall of Famers

1- NHL Owner

2 -Baseball Players

1-Buffalo Native

1-Son of a HOF

2-Guys with the Same Last Name

1-Reality Star

Ken O’Brien (17.5) –He was god awful

Drew Bledsoe (12.5) –Bledsoe gets sacked? what a surprise

Jeff George (9.5) – dude said, “oh s#$t” when he saw smith coming

Dan Marino (9.5)- the hardest QB to sack

Jack Trudeau (7)- coolest last name

Tony Eason (6)-this dude started a SB?

Warren Moon (6) – great pass

John Elway (5.5) –Mr. Ed

Steve Young (5) – surprising since they only played 3x

Boomer Esiason (4.5) –Norman! Norman!

Jim Harbaugh (4.5) – Didn’t Jim Kelly knock his tooth out?

Kerry Collins (4) – Dude’s been in the league for like 20 years

Randall Cunningham (4) –Awesome weapon

Jim Everett (4) –Don’t call me Chris

Matt Hasselbeck (4)- from Redskins days

Bernie Kosar (4) – Hard to believe he owns a NHL Team

Bucky Richardson (4) –All in one game too

Vinny Testaverde (4)- Dumbest last name

Trent Green (3.5)- Dude is old

Neil O’Donnell (3.5)-Most overpaid player in NFL History

Chad Hutchison (3) –should of stuck with baseball

Donovan McNabb (3) –Redskins days

Mark Rypien (3) –wish you would of got him in the SB

Browning Nagle (2.5)-Ehhesh

Dave Brown (2) –Phil Simms rolling in his grave

Mark Brunell (2)- upset the Bills in Jim Kelly’s last game

David Carr (2) – Look at Drew Bledsoe

Ty Detmer (2)- I had his Heisman card

Craig Erickson (2) –No Jim Kelly here

Doug Flutie (2)- Run Mullet, run

John Fourcade (2)- Who the hell is this?

Gary Hogeboom (2) –Ditto

Damon Huard (2) – had a brother too

Brad Johnson (2) – worse helmet than Kelso

Tommy Kramer (2) –Damn, Bruce is old

Joe Montana (2) –Greatest

Shawn Moore (2)- um,

Timm Rosenbach (2) –happened in Buffalo in a snow storm

Kelly Stouffer (2)- terrible

Steve Beuerlein (1.5) – maybe a half a sack on each of his teams?

Jay Schroeder (1.5)-worse qb ever in a AFC Championship game

Steve Walsh (1.5)- Miami had some bad qbs

Tony Banks (1) – bet you he fumbled too

Todd Blackledge (1) -?

Steve Bono (1) – worse last name ever

Bubby Brister (1)- worse first name ever

Aaron Brooks (1)-Remember him & his cousin (Vick) were to set league on fire

Scott Campbell (1) -at least he gets to say Bruce sacked him

Cody Carlson (1)-Ah the commander

Quincy Carter (1)-Another great Jerry Jones project

Chris Chandler (1) –Smith scored on a touchdown on this sack

Steve DeBerg (1)- had a nasty pinky injury and played with it

Steve Grogan (1) –Man, the Patriots had some bad QBs

Rex Grossman (1) – Bust

Jeff Hostetler (1) –A#$hole

Paul Justin (1) – B4 Payton

Bill Kenney (1) – not googling

Ray Lucas (1) – now a sny personality

Todd Marinovich (1) – got some weed man

Steve McNair (1) – Smith had to work for that I bet

Scott Mitchell (1) – boy are you fat

Jesse Palmer (1) – Worse reality show ever, also Smith’s 200 sack

Doug Pederson (1) – dude got 4 million a year to qb for the Eagles

Jake Plummer (1)- Call me snake

Tom Ramsey (1) –Mike Ramsey’s brother?

Frank Reich (1) –I’m sure Frank said a prayer before this

Sean Salisbury (1)- worse analyst

Phil Simms (1) –most overrated analyst

Erik Wilhelm (1)- ah, another gem

Marc Wilson (1)- no clue

Wade Wilson (1) –No relation, but did buy roids

Jeff Blake (.5)-Throw a great bomb

Trent Dilfer (.5) –Your bald

Brian Griese (.5) –should be the Bills back-up today

Tommy Hodson (.5) –Before Bledsoe

Don Majkowski (.5) –Buffalo native

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