Good News and Bad news for Owens

It’s been an up and down week for Terrell Owens. I’m not talking Terrell Owens the football player, I’m talking Terrell Owens the media Icon.  Two days ago news broke that the T.O. show was on its way to getting a Golden Raspberry award for its 798th place finish in the national TV ratings. The show had tied with a rerun for a 5:30am edition of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Again, too many reality shows on the air. Look for Owens to fire his PR agents ,who I believe have been a nuisance to the show since it started.  

However, Owens is getting his name out at least, on the back of someone jerseys. Owens is ranked number 8 in jersey sales for the NFL from April-July. It’s the Bills first top 10 jersey finish since 2001. Pretty strange considering that the Sabres at one point had 5 player jerseys in the top 10 for the NHL in 2007. That should tell you the state of the NHL across the country. I’m sure Owens would rather have it the other way around, considering his goal is to be a media icon.  
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4 Responses to Good News and Bad news for Owens

  1. Dale says:

    what exactly does it say about the state of the NHL across the country? is this another one of your snarky sabres insults? douche…

  2. joe says:

    sorry but its a fact, the NHL is second fiddle to all sports.. id take a nba team over a hockey team

  3. Dale says:

    good for you…dont comment on the sabres if you dont care about them then. im aware of the NHL's place in this country, and i dont care. your bills are the real joke…what are we looking at here? a full decade since the playoffs and 4 superbowl losses in a row? pathetic. good for you for only wanting the popular sports in buffalo…tool.

  4. joe says:

    hey dale read my view on the sabres, if the team played in the nba we would be a basketball town, if Mike Tyson and Lennox lewis were from buffalo we would be a boxing town. thanks for reading

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