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BTN is Back
Finally, the Buffalo News decided to have a chat this week. After a two week hiatus, Mark Gaughan was back at his normal Friday chat discussing all Bills training camp happenings. It was a fun chat that I was all over (Joe from NYC). I really dig Gaughan’s chats because he’s all facts and doesn’t really goof off like Bucky and Sully do (not that there is something wrong with that). I always wonder if Gaughan is having fun when he’s chatting, because you can set your clock to him punching out an hour into it. He doesn’t really chat much as far as personal stuff goes, which is fine with me. I mean who really cares what Joe from NYC is doing with his time. Mark had some very interesting things to say in his chat, such as the Bills having run the no huddle exclusively and how the defense has looked. Gaughan may not have the sense of humor that Bucky and Sully do, but he’s great at telling us what his eyes are seeing.

Groundhog day for WGR
The biggest knock that WGR gets from listeners is they have a tendency to pick the most random topics for their shows. The problem this week was the afternoon show picked a topic that had been discussed only 3 weeks earlier. The hosts broke out the topic of “who is the most hated athlete in America.” The topic was brought up after the news that Terrell Owens had been ranked the 4th worse athlete in America. I don’t mind the topic, but to bring it up twice in 3 weeks for the same afternoon show is unacceptable. I can understand if it’s June or early July when there isn’t much to talk about, but this was a busy sports week. The steroids scandal, Baseball trade deadline, Bills Training camp, and Mike Vick. This wasn’t just an isolated incident. The afternoon show has a tendency to run the same topics over and over again. They must of run the “what’s your favorite Aud Moment” at least 3 times this year. You’re better than that panther! Save these topics for May and June.

Hail to the Bus driver man
For all you people who don’t work in Television, there is a term known as “repackaging.” Repackaging is when you change the personalities or shows look and format. It seems as if ESPN is doing that with Chris Mortensen. The NFL guru is trying his hand at some bad comedy with his training camp bus tour. ESPN has Mort going on his own Madden cruiser with Mort’s face plastered all over the bus exteriors. The insider appears to have ditched his shirt and tie for a casual 3-button down shirt with jeans. Mort’s first road trip came to Dallas, where Jerry Jones gave a 5-star tour of his new Dallas Stadium. It was a cute piece (yawn) with Jones bragging about how this stadium is going to be the revolution of all stadiums. The story ended with Jones beeping the horn while in the driver seat, and telling Mort to get on the bus! This is just another version of ESPN trying to look cool and funny. Just stick to the stories people, and leave Mort in the Atlanta office he’s use to. Maybe this is a prelude of things to come with ESPN adding former NFL Network Insider, Adam Schefter to the mix. Schefter is set to debut once his NFL Network contract is up at the end of August. In case you were wondering, Mort’s bus isn’t scheduled to come to Buffalo. Oh darn!

This is the lightening rod for training camp?
Terrell Owens? Nope. Dick Jauron shouldn’t be here? Try again. Ralph Wilson shouldn’t be in the HOF? Think again. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes, the most popular guy on a football team, the back-up quarterback has stolen all the press coverage. All kidding aside, the talk in media circles about the back-up position has become overkill. First, I have to hear Paul Hamilton every day talk about how bad Fitzpatrick looks in camp. I mean one day is fine, but the reporter brings it up at least 3 times a day. Way to try and run a guy out of town, because of the high demand to know how Fitzpatrick looks in shorts. Then Ed Kilgore blogs (not about fishing) his observations for training camp, and his biggest question mark was Fitzpatrick. Seriously? How about the Bills lack of depth at linebacker and the makeshift offensive line. I can only blame the media for half this, the rest goes to the fans who are obsessed with who their back-ups are. There was such a big cry for the Sabres to go after Biron during the trade deadline and this summer. And it all came crashing down on the blogs and talk radio scene of disappointment when Biron went to the Islanders. Fans and media members should realize, that there are bigger fish to fry than who is holding the clipboard and keeping the goalie equipment shiny.

“I tell it like I see it”
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