Bills Twitters 8/1

1)Someone is getting wasted tonight in Canuck land (Better get your poteen ready)
2)someone can’t put down his dam philosophy book and go to camp
3) someone seems to be doing nothing
4)someone can’t decide what city to go (btw-why does this guy even have a twitter?)

Rochester or Buffalo? What’s goin on n these 2 places? Help me decide. Please. Hope everybody is grettin ready 2 enjoy ur wkend.


One of the most important lessons experience teaches is that, as a whole, success depends more upon character than upon intellect or fortune


24 hrs off..going to be nice to sleep in my own bed


What everybody in buffalo doing tonite? Give me some feed back…


N cab headed 2 the club Muzik n TO! Holla if u c me!

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