T.O. Daily: Now you can have T.O. for breakfast

Cue Music: “Tops never stops, saving you more. Tops never stops, look what T.O.’s got.” Remember that terrible song during the 90’s. Well Tops is making a comeback. T.O. formally introduced his new cereal, T.O.’s Honey Toasted Oats sold exclusively at all Tops Markets. Chris Brown, of Bills.com reported that the scene at the store was completely nuts. Fans were screaming during the media question/answer period of the press conference, to the point where fans threw the police barricade to the ground. People, it’s Honey Nut Cheerios, not a Wonka bar.
– Cereal wasn’t the only thing on Owens mind today. During the end of his cereal press conference a fan asked T.O. if they were going to beat the Patriots in week one. Owens said, “It’s not going to be an easy game for New England. Trust me.” Owens must of not seen old Bills games of how Jauron coaches against Bill Belickick (Just kidding, sort of). I like the confidence Owens is bringing to the team and it’s something that has been lacking for far too long.
Jauron & Belickick= the coaches in the movie Waterboy
*Photo from Bills.com*
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