Parrish isn’t happy

“Coming into my fifth year, I should be a superstar wide receiver, not a punt returner.” Huh??
When did Roscoe become Owens. That wasn’t all the superstar wide…err..punt returner said in an interview with Tim Graham of ESPN. Parrish told Graham that when he heard that Owens had signed with the Bills he asked his agent to request a trade. Parrish also said that he isn’t the type of player who wants to bring the negative issues he has with the team to camp. Uh, Roscoe, you just did by telling a reporter you wanted to get traded.
The funniest part of the story was Tim Graham’s interview with Santana Moss of the Redskins (also from Roscoe’s college, Miami U). Moss told Graham, that Parrish has all the talent in the world and has all these explosive plays inside him, if he is given the opportunity. News flash for Santana, Roscoe had those opportunities. When Josh Reed went down for 3 games last year who do you think took his place as the number 2 wide receiver? Mr. Superstar caught 8 passes in those 3 games for 100 yards and no TD’s. Of course, Moss is going to have Roscoe’s back when it comes to how great of a player he is. They both went to the University of Miami and you know how those players over hype each other as the 33rd NFL team.
Parish also went on to give examples of smaller players in the league who have made an impact (DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith, and Eddie Royal). Parrish can say all he wants that he should be a superstar, but it seems like every year when he has his moment to step in for an injured Josh Reed or Peerless Price, he does little to show for it. Parrish, himself has had to deal with the injury bug missing 9 games in his first 4 years with the Bills. Steve Smith may be your size Roscoe, but so was Dante Hall. Now who does Parrish remind you of?
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