The T.O. Show Live Blog: Episode II

Episode II: The PR Menace
The Saga continues

Evening Kids! When we last saw T.O. he was debating on where to live in LA. His journey then led him to find a hot ass real estate agent who he ended up making out with in a hot tub. Little did T.O. know that he would have do deal with some annoying ass assistants (the empire?) who tried to c#$k block him on several occasions. The episode left you with one of the biggest cliff hangers ever! Owens maybe thinking of getting back with his fiance.. (insert dramatic music)

Act I
-Lovely Drew Rosenhaus has entered the show…show has officially sucked!
Rosenhaus is giving a terrible pep talk.
-PR agent (I refuse to call them by their names) has discovered her sister after 9 years..
-Owens arrives in Buffalo-oh here comes the casted…errr…die hard fans greeting T.O.
-where is popcorn loser???
-Dam that was a quick ass opening act, really surprised they didn’t make the fans look like bigger losers then they were that night..sorry had to say it..

Commercial #1

Act II
great, TO being shirtless of course that’s in his contract…doing his best rocky impersonation running up and down the steps.
-well last week they had the whether metaphors, this week it’s Pablo chowing down Buffalo wings..
-Here is TO’s key to city ceremony (I never thought it was that big of a deal, they gave Shaq and Bret Favre the keys to NYC and Miami.
-Well that ceremony was fun and dull…man is mayor brown boring
-So kita/monique or whoever is meeting her sister, is she being stood up?
-That’s pretty sad Monique got stood up…seriously it was
-man, someone should of told T.O. That channel 7 is ghetto as hell!
omg keith Radford is still alive?? what Irv Weinstein couldn’t find his walker?
-T.O. is at dinner awww, poor Ryan (waiter) dude has to get ribbed on national TV
-Call the s$%t stirrers at WGR, Tuesday topic “do you hate T.O. for making fun of Buffalo blue collar worker Ryan?”
-I’m sure Ryan will use this as ammo to get some ass! “Hey there girl, i got dissed by T.O. wanna make out?”

Commercial Break #2

-Well T.O. is at the Falls
-Why is this girl so scared to get on the maid of the mist? It’s like a dam yacht
-T.O. should throw her over board
-OH OH! TO’s assistant wants to get some, spending the night at a hotel. mixing bizness with pleasure!
-T.O. don’t fall for it, as if she they were out of rooms, the producers…errr..she tricked you. I never been to a bread and breakfast place..

Commercial Break #3
Act IV
-T.O. looks like a elf in his pajamas!
haha, she said T.O. looks like a red tampon..good one! Monique right?
-Hey Monique used my elf insult..oh well
-um they just showed outside the bread and breakfast, and it looked like it was 7pm..T.O. either loves going to bed early or the shooters forgot to get a cutaway shot at night.
-show ends-

Tease for next week
T.O. is going to meet some of his family

Overall show
I hate to say this but I feel cheated by the show, I was expecting them to make Buffalo look like 24 hour party people for his rally..they kind of made us look dull. I was hoping they would make the city look really cool in the process, they just made the city..just a city…but at least they didn’t make us look bad and didnt show that nut case with the popcorn. Poor Ryan the waiter..I bet he will be on Kiss 98.5 tomorrow and will be DJing at Utopia on Sundays..

Thanks for watching

Till next week the saga lives on!!..cue dramatic music

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