I’m jealous of a bankrupt franchise in the middle of the desert.

Wake up Darcy!

I hate to be the one to beat a dead horse, but I’ve officially lost all my confidence in Darcy Regier (not that I had much to begin with). The epiphany happened when I read that the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes had traded back their former 20 goal scorer, Radim Vrbata..yeah I know the guy was jettisoned from Tampa to Europe last year. But now the Coyotes are on trail to sign Alex Tanguay. Look, I know these two guys aren’t going to change the Phoenix Hamilton Las Vegas Coyotes to an overnight playoff contender, but at least they are making moves. And to to top it off the franchise is broke and their future is up in the air. 
At this point I’m looking for the Sabres to make one shred of change on their team. Hey don’t blame me if Mr. Mulliquinn said they were going to do the biggest top to bottom evaluation since the election of 2000. I want something, anything at this point. Darcy wake up! Make a trade, if you’re not going to sign free agents and your greatest achievements is what you’ve done in the trade market, then get on the phone! What happen to the GM who traded for Chris Drury and Daniel Briere? I swear, there are times I would love to see Darcy or Ruff get fired so they can write a tell all book about how pathetically run this franchise has become. Yeah I know, I’m suppose to be excited about Tyler Myers because he kicked a bunch of pimple faced 17 year olds asses in Junior Hockey. On July 1st, I wanted to be excited. On July 15th, I wanted to be optimistic. On July 28th, I just want to know someone is alive at the HSBC Arena. God knows what I’ll be hoping for in October. 
“The market! The market! The Market” 
Shut up Darcy!    
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