Owens drops his first controversial comments

Owens backs up Vick’s NFL return

Well it only took T.O. one day to give the s#$t stirrers at WGR something to talk about. Owens ripped NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell for the handling of the Mike Vick situation. “I don’t think it’s really fair to be suspended 4 more games, it’s almost like kicking a dead horse into the ground.” T.O. also added that the Union needs to help out Vick, “A lot of players in the league need to step up, the players union needs to step up because the guy has already suffered so much and to add a 4 game suspension on after he served a 2 year prison sentence, that’s ridiculous.” Owens then went on to say that there are a lot of guys in the NFL that have done far worse things and have received a second chance.

The Mike Vick commentary has been a hot topic throughout the sports media landscape. Owens is pretty much saying what a lot of pro Vick people have said. I agree with Owens that Vick does deserve a second chance, but to me a 4 game suspension is a complete joke. He should be suspended for the 2009 season. Not only that, but he needs to make some serious donations to Peta and every other company that has the word dog in it. I also disagree with Owens saying that Goodell has treated Vick unfairly. That’s hogwash. Vick not only did what he did, but he also lied to the Commissioner’s face about the whole ordeal two days after the reports had surfaced of his dog ring. Goodell was also nice enough to meet with Vick 2 days after having his prison bracelet removed from his ankle.
As for Owens, his comments are no more controversial than from the next guy who may be pro Vick. Lets hope this isn’t one of those dissecting his comments to the point of nausea. If it were Josh Reed saying this, no one would be saying jack.

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