The Sixer: 6 pack of opinions: Marty Biron NYC bound

Opinion 4:

Fans cry for Biron
Well he just has to go up the turnpike and go over the GW Bridge and head down the L.I.E. Marty Biron is an Islander after signing a 1-year, 1.4 million dollar deal. Biron will be joining a loaded goaltender group, with former Sabre Dwayne Roloson and the most overpaid goalie in hockey history, Rick DiPietro. DiPietro is batting knee injuries, so look for Biron and Roloson to compete for the starting job.

Now look, I’ve been reading a lot of chats and even hearing some media members who would of loved it if Marty came back. Marty is a slight upgrade from Lalime. I know some of you may act as if Lalime is the biggest reason the Sabres didn’t make the playoffs, but if you look at his numbers when Miller went down, Lalime had a 3.22 goals against average. Biron’s was slightly better last year at 2.76. Maybe the Sabres should of scored more then 2 goals for Lalime against the Islanders and Hurricanes.

Again, this is where a fan has to look at the on ice product. I know Marty’s a fan favorite and a great interview. Maybe if I was younger and not so bitter towards the Buffalo teams for their lack of success over the decade, I would be a fan of players with great personalities. But this isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about winning.


“Hating on fan favorites since 89”
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