The Sixer: 6 pack of opinions: Bills Draft Class ditching camp?

Opinion 5:

60 hours and counting…
The Bills open their training camp this Saturday in Rochester, NY and they are missing some key players. Like who you ask? How about over half their 2009 NFL Draft! The Bills have to sign 5 draft picks (2 first-rounders, 2 second-rounders, and 1 third-rounder) in less then 60 hours. I can’t remember the last time the Bills were having this big of a problem signing their picks. Normally the Bills would get their whole draft class signed prior to camp and maybe once every 3 years a first rounder wouldn’t sign till the first week of camp. I’m not the type of person who gets all worked up if someone misses parts of camp. But with this group of rookies and what their expectations are, you have to be concerned.

Unsigned are DE Aaron Maybin , OG Eric Wood, CB Jarius Byrd, OG Andy Levitre (not to be confused with Andy Viagra), and TE Shawn Nelson. Of the five, I think we can cross Byrd off the list of guys that really need to get in camp because he’s already joining a crowded defensive backfield. Shawn Nelson who was considered to be the Bills steal of the draft isn’t needed that badly, considering that TE is an easy position for a player to transition in from the college game. Heck, I’ll give you that Aaron Maybin coming to camp late won’t make me lose any sleep considering he has been termed a project because of starting only one full year of college. Maybin is also coming into a situation where he has Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay penciled in as the starters.

Now, here’s where we get nervous. Chris Chambers and Seth McKinney (Insert kid from Home Alone screaming!). Those 2 should not be starting in the NFL! As a matter of fact they should be joining Mr. “Tree Hugger” JP Losman in Vegas. Levitre and Wood were drafted to play from day one. The hierarchy at 1 Bills Drive kept telling us that with Peters leaving, it wouldn’t hurt the line as much with these two guys coming in. Also history tells me whenever a player from the O-line holds out, the team then starts making excuses. Remember last year the Bills were suppose to run more no huddle, but couldn’t because Jason Peters held out of camp and the o-line wasn’t able to the get enough continuity from practice. I’m in no mood to hear that excuse again this year.

I may be panicking to soon about this, but like I said 5 draft picks unsigned and 60 hours till training camp. This is a make it or break it year for the Bills and I’d like my training camp to be as uneventful as possible.


“Tick Tock”

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