The Sixer: 6 pack of opinions: The final word on JP

Opinion 3:

Why do fans care?
I was reading a poll that WGR had on their website (BTW-good looks on stealing my Viva Las Vegas headline),and the poll asked if fans would watch the UFL to root for Losman to either fail or succeed. The 3rd choice was if you would even watch the UFL. An astounding 676 fans (46%) voted to watch the UFL and root for Losman, while 19% said they would watch to just to hope that Losman failed (36% said they weren’t going to watch).

I didn’t know that Losman was 2009’s version of Doug Flutie. If I was to vote (and I did) it would be that I could care less what he does in the UFL and the league for that matter. It’s a crappy football league that will most likely go down the same route as the XFL and USFL did (Arena League is on that path too). The bigger questions is why do fans want to even root for the guy?

1) Fans love to crap all over the Bills. You can almost set your clock to it, the first TD Losman throws in The UFL, chat rooms and call in shows will light up with people saying, “we should of kept Losman man, he’s MVP of the XFL or whatever league he is in, The Bills suck!!!” Fans and people for that matter love to hate.

2)It’s very easy to make it in Buffalo in my opinion as a athlete. All an athlete would have to do is tell the fans he loves the city, the architecture , the food, the bars and the player can just be average at best. Fans in Buffalo are like the kid who was picked on when he was younger and is now grown up and just wants to be excepted. JP excepted Buffalo, heck he even started a “Buffalo Lives” group where he and 100’s of people would clean up Buffalo by planting trees. Hey, I’m all for keeping Buffalo clean and preserving the Ozone layer, but Unless the guy throws TD’s and wins games for me I could care less.

Again, I wish the best for Losman and I’ll be sure not to be watching him.

“Saw JP at Coles once”

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One Response to The Sixer: 6 pack of opinions: The final word on JP

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anybody know what was the Losboys IQ anyway? You may be right, that was probably the problem. Coasted his butt thru high school and college as the BMOC QB but was just dumb as a hammer. Good luck JP, really.

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