Bills and Sabres should be watching Old Timers Day in New York City

Since moving to New York City I’ve turned into a Yankees fan (Sorry Atlanta), and watching the old timers day on Sunday at the New Yankee Stadium was a really cool experience. The organization does a fantastic job in getting all the players..and I mean all the players, who played for the Yankees over the years. Each player gets a very cool intro. The player comes jogging out of the dug out to a very nice PA announcement of their career accolades and greets their fellow old timers. All this nostalgia got me thinking. Why don’t the Bills and Sabres do an old timers day every season. Yes I know, comparing the Yankees and Bills/Sabres history is like comparing the Bible to a comic book, but what makes the Yankees old timers day so cool is that they bring back guys who weren’t just legends. Guys like Chad Curtis and Charlie Hayes were there. Even Don Zimmer was there.

Fans in Buffalo love the memories. I always hear people talk about the Aud, the blue and gold tradition, and the 90’s Bills. Why couldn’t the Bills or Sabres have a yearly event like this and have some legends, but also have the roll players attend. Seeing Leonard Smith, Ted Washington, Wayne Pressley, Doug Bodger, Matt Barnaby,and Don Beebe would be a treat for fans. I think fans would come in droves for that day. I’m sure Larry Quinn would also throw another party in the art gallery for this event. Memories are cool but more importantly they sell and the Sabres and Bills should know that.


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